...Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire, "Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless..."
Cervantes, Don Quixote – Part 1, Chapter VIII.

UPDATED 29th JANUARY 2015 (pease note that some of the pages listed to the left are in the process of being updated)

Planning applications have been lodged with Mid Devon District Council by Murex Energy Ltd and LessCO2 Ltd for wind turbines at

Hawkridge Farm, Coldridge (nearly 233 ft high) - refused by Mid Devon District Council. The Decision Notice and Officer's report may be found here.

Murex Energy have now, 26 September 2013, lodged an Appeal with the Planning Inspectorate. You can make representations via the PINS Portal. The Case Reference is 2203528 and Authority Mid Devon District Council. The Inspector will have all the original objections but you need to reinforce anything already said and in particular with reference to Aardvark's Grounds for Appeal.

Finally the appeal was withdrawn by Murex on 21st Marh 2014

20 January 2015. LessCO2 Ltd began consultation for a single wind turbine 36.6m high to blade tip, an Endurance E4660 machine. The consultation period ended on 28 February 2015. In view of the limited information provided, it is recommended that any comments be saved until the full planning application is submitted

Mann's Newton, Zeal Monachorum (more than 252 ft high). Refused by Mid Devon District Council. The Decision Notice and Officer's report may be found here.

An appeal has also been lodged against Mid Devon's decision. You can make representations via the PINS Portal. The Case Reference is 2210883 and Authority Mid Devon District Council. The Inspector will have all the original objections but you need to reinforce anything already said and in particular with reference to the grounds for appeal, which are contained within the Appeal Form.

A site visit by planning inspector Nixon took place on 14th January 2015. He was greeted by about fifty local people, all objecting to the proposal. We now await his decision.

APPEAL DISMISSED 25th March 2015
Link to PINS site and decision documents

Those in favour of turbines believe that they will see the end of conventional power stations. This is not the case. If we were to become reliant on wind energy alone we wouldn't be able to boil a kettle or watch the telly when the wind speed is too low to operate the turbine.

We strongly object to these proposals for the following reasons:

Boswells Farm, North Tawton (1) Pending Consideration
Den Brook Wind Farm, North Tawton (9) Under Construction
Heywood Farm, Bondleigh (1) Operational
Upcott Farm, Wembworthy (1) Operational
Great Cocktree, North Tawton (1) Operational
Appledore Farm, Bow (1) Operational
Wheatland Farm, Winkleigh (1) Operational
Great Punchardon Farm, Winkleigh (1) Operational
Nutson Farm, Chawleigh (1) Operational
Hatherton, Sampford Courtenay (1) Consented
Winkleigh (Poultry) Farm, Winkleigh (1) Consented
Hayrish Farm, South Tawton (1) Operational
Woodterill Fm Hollocombe, Chulmleigh, Winkleigh (2) Consented
Densham Farm, Ashreigney (1) Consented
Bryony Hill Farm, Ingleigh Green, Winkleigh (1) Appeal in Progress
Langlands, Morchard Bishop (1) Appeal in Progress
Elston Farm, Copplestone (2) Operational
Philham Farm, Chulmleigh (1) Appeal in Progress
Mounticombe Farm, Chulmleigh (1) Operational
Hawkdown, Dowland (1) Appeal in Progress
Coldharbour Farm, Ashreigney (1) Consented
East Westacott, Ashreigney (1) Pending Consideration
Opportunity Okehampton, Stockley, Okehampton (1) Consented
Beara Farm, Chulmleigh (1) Appeal in Progress
Ham Farm, Cleave Hill, Dolton (1) Operational
Land At NGR 598948 Exeter Road, Okehampton (2) Consented
Bedport Poultry Farm, Burrington (1) Operational
Ellmead Farm, Folly Gate, Okehampton (2) Consented
Littleborough, Black Dog, Washford Pyne (1) Appeal Allowed
Higher Henceford Farm, Black Dog, Thelbridge (3) Consented
Park Farm, Woolfardisworthy, Poughill (2) Operational

In April 2014, Taw Turbine Action Group made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about the claims made by RES UK & Ireland Ltd's claims for the output of the Den Brook Wind Farm. The complaints were upheld and adjudication can be found here

What you can do now:

Send a copy of your objection to your MP

Enter your Postcode:

Two important documents have been published by CPRE Devon following a Seminar for Parish Councillors held at Holsworthy on 17th May 2012. They are: Understanding Wind Power and Dealing with wind turbine applications.

An early warning! Screening applications to get the Planning Officer's opinion as to whether a full Environmental Impact Assessment is required. These are not planning applications at present.

Bastow's Fields, Zeal Monachorum, 67m high, Ref DR/nb/11/01162PE

Lower Nymet Farm, Lapford, 67m high, Ref 01139PE

Skinnersland, Coldridge, 67m high, Ref. 11/01164/PE

Middle Leigh Farm, Morchard Bishop, 67m high, Ref.11/01161/PE

Station Farm (1), Bow,92m high, Ref. 11/00010

Hillerton, Bow, 92m high, Ref. 11/00009

Southcott Farm, Chawleigh, 34.2m high, (within the Devon County designated Taw Valley AGLV) Ref. DR/cg/11/01975/PE.
We understand that the landowner will not be taking this any further.

West Emlett Farm, Black Dog, 34.2m high

Station Farm (2), Bow, 77m high, Ref. 12/1489 (no map link as there is doubt over precise site)

Clotworthy Farm, Coldridge, 67m, Ref 11/00554/PE
now moved to Hawkridge Farm. Refused by Mid Devon District Council

The National Planning Policy Framework was published by the Government in March 2012.
You can download a copy here.
The Framework replaces the Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guidance (PPG). Local policies may still apply.

Wind turbines are unsustainable. When wind speeds are too low to generate electricity, the demand has to be met by conventional power stations. Wind turbines simply duplicate a miniscule part of the national generating capacity without increasing energy security.

The Devon landscape which has, until now, been such an attraction to visitors. Our tourist industry was worth 552,600 visitor bednights, 648,000 day visitors, £45.5 million visitor expenditure, 1241 direct jobs and 238 indirect jobs in 2003 (Mid Devon District Council - latest figures available). All of this could be in jeopardy.

The House of Lords Bill
Latest (9th March 2012): "The Bill lapses with the coming end of this session. I propose to reintroduce it at the start of the new session (begins 9th May), incorporating some amendments suggested in our last debate. This will keep the issue before Parliament and hopefully it will get its own Second Reading not too long after. The aim must be to try and persuade the Government to adopt some or all of its provisions, rather than expect it to become law as it stands."
Lord Reay

(Updated 30 May 2013) This bill has, unfortunately, run out of time and will proceed no further. Lobbying local councils to incorporate a separation distance within their local plans is now the best course of action.

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